Harvesting the Growing ‘Green’ Opportunity

Why go green with your products?

Because it’s what consumers want:

(Source: IndustryWeek.com)

As a consumer preference, environmentalism has gone mainstream. Green concerns are shaping purchasing decisions more and more. And the world’s largest retailers, including Wal-Mart, are pursuing major sustainability initiatives to appeal to this strong and growing demographic.

Consider the many blogs and websites aimed at environmentally conscious shoppers, including:

At Rotuba, maker of Naturacell®, we believe this shift toward eco-friendly is a good thing—because the future of our industry and our world is at stake. Now is the time to rise to the challenge and reap the benefits of environmental responsibility through bioresins and green plastics such as Naturacell.

flowerChoose Organic. Organic foods are produced without chemical pesticides or fertilizers and are processed with natural additives. Organic farming helps the environment by fostering healthy soils and a diverse ecosystem.

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