Consumer electronics go green

The Company: TESSCO - Hunt Valley, MD

The Opportunity: As a leading mobile accessories company, TESSCO stays on top of the latest consumer trends, like the rising interest in all things “green.”

“We wanted to be proactive and offer our customers an eco-friendly phone case option that was both durable and of high quality,” said Dee Dee Tsamoutalis, director of global sourcing at TESSCO.

The Solution: To create the new, environmentally friendly Element iPhone 3G case, TESSCO selected Rotuba’s Naturacell® biopolymer—a sustainable material that’s easy to manufacture.

“The fact that Naturacell is made from wood pulp is such a great story in of itself,” explained Tsamoutalis. “Also, the material’s functionality is outstanding, and we were able to use our same molds and tooling during the production of the Element cases.”

The Results: Naturacell’s tough impact strength, high surface gloss and other physical properties make it ideal for consumer goods that are subject to heavy wear and tear, like the Element.

Made from 100% Naturacell, the transparent clip-on Element iPhone 3G cases offer a winning combination of aesthetics and eco-friendly awareness. Visit for more information.

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