Eco-friendly for the cosmetics industry

The Company: Anisa International - Atlanta, GA

The Opportunity: Consumer demand for green products continues to surge, and the cosmetics market is no exception. That’s why Anisa International, a leading manufacturer of cosmetic brushes, was eager to develop an eco-friendly line of brushes.

“The cosmetics companies we serve have been looking for ways to be more environmentally sound,” explained Julie Feldman, vice president of sales and marketing, “and we feel it’s the right thing to do.”

The Solution: To create a greener brush, Rotuba recommended Naturacell®. It’s a polymer made from sustainable natural resources, it’s easy to manufacture and it’s BPA-free.

“With Naturacell, you can color it, tint it or leave it clear,” said Feldman. “We also liked that it’s derived from trees, so it’s free from harmful toxins.”

The Results: Anisa’s Naturacell-based cosmetic brushes made their debut at the 2008 Health and Beauty Expo in New York. The brushes can be sold either alone or as part of another product, such as a make-up bag or gift set.

“People who saw the brushes were impressed by the innovation,” said Feldman. “It’s good for consumers to have these options when making their purchasing decisions.”

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